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Golden Lotus Foundation desires to identify a location in Colorado Springs for a botanical garden, tea house, and space for local Asian heritage organizations as an International Cultural Center to publicize and promote Asian cultural activities.

Established in 2011, the Golden Lotus Foundation® is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Colorado Springs whose mission is to celebrate Asian tradition and inspire passion for Asian heritage through community resources and education programs, and to expand support for Asian culture projects. 


Ways to Volunteer

Golden Lotus Foundation is seeking volunteers to join the Golden Lotus Foundation Board of Directors who possess professional skills to assist with various foundation functions.

Board Member: Current or prior experience on non-profit or for profit Board of Directors

Architect: Design Colorado Springs botanical garden and tea house

Grant Writer: Research and develop grants ranging from $100,000.00 - $1,000,000.00

Accountant: CPA or book keeper

Lawyer: Legal assistance knowledgeable in non-profit and trust issues

Politics: Pubic official, community activist, civic leader to assist with botanical garden / tea house planning

Communications: Assistance with press releases, ads, marketing literature, etc.

Event Planner: Assistance with planning community events, fundraising

Volunteers Coordinator: Experienced person who can identify, coordinate and mobilize volunteer efforts


Tea House Capital Campaign

One of our goals is to build a multipurpose, multi-generational cultural center with Asian Gardens and a Tea House Colorado Springs can be proud of. The idea of a Chinese Tea House with gardens was conceived following the Colorado Springs community effort, Dream City 2020, and GLF® wants to tie the organization into the City of Champions.

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Your Membership Includes

Membership in the Golden Lotus Foundation® ensures you will receive the most current information on Asian events, happenings and culturally relevant information within 60 miles of El Paso County and surrounding counties. You will be able to be an integral member of a growing active group promoting Asian culture and traditions for future generations.

  • Member listing on GLF® website
  • Notice & invitation to events
  • Discounted website merchandise
  • Complimentary & discounted events
  • Exclusive member events
  • Website link to resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Asian heritage & enjoyment for everyone
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Where Your Donation Goes

Programs & Projects – Supports a wide variety of programs and capital projects, making your donation is a great investment in a highly efficient not for profit organization.

Technology – Keeping website going, email notifications, etc.

  • Chinese New Year Annual Dinner Celebration
  • Asian Pacific Community Luncheon
  • Mid Autumn Festival Luncheon for Seniors
  • Asian Tales & Enrichment Program
  • Golden Lotus Foundation® Legacy Charitable Trust Scholarship
  • Legacy Wall of Recognition
  • William E, Mary H & Lynda M Quan Lotus Garden & Pond
  • Multi-Cultural heritage Center
  • Chinese Tea House, Asian Gardens
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The Golden Lotus Foundation® offers Leaf Teas, Blossom Teas, Tai Chi Prints & Gift Packages.