Golden Lotus Academy™ Programs

Enriching The Community Through Cultural Programming


It is our goal to pass on our rich Asian culture and heritage to the next generation. Board members are encouraged to provide mentorship. We encourage youth to volunteer and we are planning programs such as member career day and other programs to inspire the next generation of Asian leaders in America.

For more information on our programs, please contact us here or call 719-540-5338.

Chinese New Year Annual Dinner Celebration

Open to the public. During our Chinese New Year Dinner we celebrate the Chinese lunar new year with authentic Chinese dishes and a traditional family style meal, held at a local Chinese restaurant. Please join us for this festive event of the Chinese Zodiac calendar held in late January or early February.

Asian Pacific Community Luncheon

Open to the public. At the Asian Pacific Community Luncheon we celebrate the diversity of Asian heritages through the “Passport to Asia,” a taste of signature dishes representing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indian and Thai cuisines. This event is a fundraiser and has a silent auction to benefit the design and construction of an Asian Cultural Heritage Center, Asian Botanical Gardens and Tea House.

Mid-Autumn Festival Luncheon

Open to the public. A complimentary Asian meal is provided for seniors age 65 years and over, held at a local Asian restaurant on the 4th Saturday in October on the annual Make A Difference Day, the nation’s largest day of community service to improve the lives of others in their communities. We do this on this particular day to celebrate our senior community members for their contributions to society. Thank you seniors.

Asian Tales & Enrichment Program

Open to the public. Through the Asian Tales & Enrichment Program, participants will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Asian heritages and traditions. Partnership with the Pikes Peak Library District Summer Reading Program encourages students ages 3-18 years old to explore the world through story telling and reading.


Golden Lotus Foundation™ Legacy Charitable Trust Grant

Through our volunteer program any volunteer providing 100 service hours to the Golden Lotus Foundation™ shall be eligible to apply for the Golden lotus Foundation™ Legacy Charitable Trust Grant that has been established in 2013 by Dr. Chris & Susan Huang, and offers up to $1,000 for a project that serve no less than 10 percent of the Asian population. Golden Lotus Foundation™ membership required to earn volunteer hours. Additional criteria to be established. If you are interested in volunteering with Golden Lotus Foundation™, please ” contact us.

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Legacy Wall of Recognition

The Legacy Wall of Recognition recognizes the cumulative philanthropic support of $25,000 or more provided to Golden Lotus Foundation™ by an individual or family, or organization. To have a revered plaque on the Legacy Wall of Recognition is a testament for the participation in Golden Lotus Foundation™ programs and events, and monetary and in-kind support given from the heart.

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William E, Mary H and Lynda M Quan Lotus Garden and Pond

William E, Mary H and Lynda M Quan Lotus Garden and Pond is made possible through their generous donations to Golden Lotus Foundation™. Residing in Colorado Springs for more than 50 years, the Quan family is truly a testament of philanthropy. Family and friends are welcome to contribute to the Lotus Garden and Pond to help maintain the majestic symbolic blossoms known throughout Asian heritage.

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Multi-Cultural Heritage Center & Chinese Tea House, Asian Gardens

One of our goals is to build a multipurpose, multi-generational cultural center with Asian Gardens and a Tea House Colorado Springs can be proud of. The idea of a Chinese Tea House with gardens was conceived following the Colorado Springs community effort, Dream City 2020, and GLF™ wants to tie the organization into the City of Champions.

Please consider supporting this great project that will house the Golden Lotus Academy™, Heritage Auditorium, Children Literacy Center, Resource Center, and Hall of Recognition, Tea House, Gardens and more for the entire community of Colorado Springs to learn about Asian culture and to enjoy its beauty.

We are hoping to partner with the Colorado Springs sister city of Kaohsiung and the Taiwan Overseas Government and hope they will assist in helping to make the tea house a reality.

The Golden Lotus Center™ is fashioned after a template we admire in Portland, Oregon: the Lan Su Gardens and Tea House, which took the community and their sister cities 18 months to build for $12.5 million. GLF™ plans to raise the funding through DONATIONS.

Get in on the Asian exploration. Experience how Asian culture defines itself in the art of garden design and dine in the tradition of tea drinking. The authentic Chinese Tea House takes you back through time, and still its cultural relevance transcends time to enjoy its simplicity in a relaxing setting. Donate to help build the Asian Botanical Gardens & Tea House.

Contact us today for more information, or call 719-540-5338.

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