Artist: Kevin Osborne

About the Artist

Connecticut artist Kevin Osborne has studied artistic composition and worked both in watercolor and in ink wash for over 35 years. For the past 25 of those years he has been a daily practitioner of Tai Chi and has trained in a number of Tai Chi forms. The framed prints on this site depict Yang Short Form positions and are inspired by their evocative names. Hint: If you see the word horse, you might find them in the composition.

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About the Process

The process used for these Tai Chi-inspired works produces high-quality luminous giclée art prints. Each print is based on an original ink wash painting executed on Fabriano cold pressed watercolor paper. For his original paintings, the artist grinds his own ink from Chinese ink sticks, fresh at each sitting. Before printing, he enhances each composition with an original haiku as an integral element. The overall result is fresh and unique.

The Print Materials

All materials are acid free and the print process uses the finest inks and paper. The framed art print is lightweight, protected under crystal-clear Acrylic, and ready to hang. Hardware is provided. 


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