About Golden Lotus Foundation

Our Dream

The Board of Directors, Golden Lotus Foundation, shall function to provide an avenue for offering culture and arts education, and opportunity for children of Asian heritage and all children, to experience Asian culture and tradition; pay for artists to present what they do i.e., Japanese block printing, Chinese brush painting; pay for exhibits for all to view and gain knowledge of the subject; and assist flourishing art forms like budding Asian performers (singers, dancers, etc); and for the less fortunate children, money raised for scholarships to pay for admission or fees to attend culture events or classes. Then, as we accumulate adequate funding from corporate sponsorship, grants, membership, admission, fees and donations, we can start visualizing a concrete structure, the Chinese Tea House with Gardens, to have a physical Asian presence in Colorado Springs.

Our Goal

Multipurpose Center to feature GLF Academy, Heritage Auditorium, Children’s Literacy Center, Resource Center, Hall of Recognition, Chinese Tea House, Gardens.

Our Mission

Celebrate tradition and inspire passion for Asian heritage through community resources, education programs, and expand support for culture projects.

Our Vision

Golden Lotus Foundation seeks to provide premier opportunities for all generations to experience Asian heritage and traditions.

Our History

We Provide Opportunities for All Ages to Experience Asian Culture

Established in 2011 in Colorado Springs, the Golden Lotus Foundation™ seeks to provide premier opportunities for all ages to experience Asian art and culture traditions. Through support for education, arts an d culture resources, we will pass along our heritage and traditions and reinvest all revenue in our organization to its fullest potential to promote growth.

Our People

Asian Contributions to the Fabric of World Culture:

People: Asians make up more than 75 percent of the world population and their culture is one of the oldest still in existence.

Innovation: Paper was invented by the ancient Chinese in the 2nd century BC during the Han Dynasty. Today Asian inventors and engineers contribute to the advancement of modern technology.

Health: Many ancient Asian health practices have made it into the Western mainstream.

Art: Papercutting, origami and exquisite porcelain pottery were perfected by Chinese, Japanese and Korean artisans. Today many homes embrace Asian art and gardening influences.

Faith and Philosophy: India, China and Japan are the cradles of many religions practiced today, and Asian philosophers and poets are still referred to for their writings and teachings.

Foundation History

Since 2011, Golden Lotus Foundation has catalyzed a lively local scene centered around the experience of Asian art and cultural traditions, primarily from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam and India. Diverse programs throughout the year have included celebrating traditional holidays, folklore story times for children, Asian dining experiences, haiku workshops, music performances, art exhibitions, lectures and panels. This vivid diversity is also evidenced in the attendees of Golden Lotus Foundation events, who might be of Asian descent, military members once stationed in Asia, exchange students, and Asian tourists visiting our region.

Botanical Garden

Golden Lotus Foundation strongly believes in the value of a world-class botanical garden, Asian Cultural Heritage Center / Museum for Colorado Springs. These types of venues have proven very valuable in revitalizing downtown areas and in attracting millions of tourists to cities like San Francisco, Houston, and Portland OR. In this context, we would like to honor the Asian pioneers who helped build the railroads, tended the agricultural farms, worked the mines, and settled in El Paso County with a permanent exhibit.

Colorado Springs Revitalization

This kind of development also boosts the value of nearby real estate. Portland, Oregon’s Lan Su Chinese Gardens provides $1.75 million in annual revenues. Golden Lotus Foundation wants to be a part of the city’s cultural revitalization by participating in the redevelopment of the land occupied by the Martin Drake Plant when it is decommissioned or in other urban renewal efforts. Golden Lotus’s global perspective and grass-roots vibrancy offer new ideas to expand tourism, attract businesses and workers, and ultimately can only grow Colorado Springs’ reputation on the Front Range and beyond.

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