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We are participating in the

Safeway Community Giving Cash Card Program

Safeway Giving Cash Card 2

$25 Cash Cards are available NOW!

GOLDEN LOTUS FOUNDATION will receive a 5% donation on purchases you make while shopping for everyday items you would be purchasing for your family anyway. 

Thank you Safeway / Albertsons for donating money to  GOLDEN LOTUS FOUNDATION  (GLF) while customers shop at local stores. 


    • You can request one or more Safeway Community Giving cash cards from  or by calling Cynthia Aki (719) 540-5338 and leaving a voice message. Cash cards are sold for $25 each. Get one and give one to a friend.
    • Upon receiving your new Safeway Community Giving cash card, your card will have $25 pre-loaded. Then discover the best savings near you.
    • Once you spend down your $25 balance, don’t toss your personal Safeway Community Giving cash card, visit the Safeway service desk to reload your cash card balance up to a maximum of $500.
    • After you spend the $500 maximize, get a new $25 Safeway Community Giving cash card from GOLDEN LOTUS FOUNDATION. (You can use cash, check, or your credit card to increase your Safeway card balance.)
    • At the end of every month, GOLDEN LOTUS FOUNDATION will receive a donation from Safeway based on the amount reloaded during that month. There is no maximum Safeway donation — the more supporters / shoppers, the larger the amount Safeway donates! 
  • REMEMBER, you can reload your cash card balance up to $500 as needed. It has never
    been easier to donate to

  • Shop until you drop! Safeway donations mean a lot to supporting GLF  programs. Thank you for your help!