Asian Cultural Heritage Attractions in Colorado Springs

The Golden Lotus Foundation celebrates the beauty and diversity of Asian Culture. As a group we ensure that this culture will be shared with future generations in the Colorado Springs area.

Our programs and events invite our neighbors to immerse themselves in Asian culture. Through cultural enrichment, we honor diversity while also building bridges of understanding and appreciation between people of different cultures. In this way we hope to contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious global community.

Established in 2011, the Golden Lotus Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Colorado Springs whose mission is to celebrate Asian tradition and inspire passion for Asian heritage through community resources and education programs, and to expand support for Asian culture projects.

Asian contributions to the fabric of world culture:

  • People: Asians make up more than 75 percent of the world population and their culture is one of the oldest still in existence.
  • Innovation: Paper was invented by the ancient Chinese in the 2nd century BC during the Han Dynasty. Today Asian inventors and engineers contribute to the advancement of modern technology.
  • Health: Many ancient Asian health practices have made it into the Western mainstream.
  • Art: Papercutting, origami and exquisite porcelain pottery were perfected by Chinese, Japanese and Korean artisans. Today many homes embrace Asian art and gardening influences.
  • Faith and Philosophy: India, China and Japan are the cradles of many religions practiced today, and Asian philosophers and poets are still referred to for their writings and teachings.

We provide opportunities for all ages to experience Asian culture.

The Golden Lotus Foundation identifies resources and supports Asian cultural heritage attractions in Colorado Springs including sponsorship of panels, discussion, lectures, forums, exhibitions, and visiting and local culture dance, music and art to strengthen cultural identity based on values and customs of the past.

One of our goals is to build a multipurpose cultural center with a Chinese Tea House, Asian Gardens and more in Colorado Springs – an idea conceived from the Colorado Springs community effort Dream City 2020.

Donations for this project or any of our other programs are gladly accepted here.

The Golden Lotus Foundation is honored to have a board member heritage leader representing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese and Asian Indian culture.

Together, we share the rich heritage and traditions to be passed on to future generations.

Please join us in this celebration of culture.

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