In Honor of Ric Denton


Dear Friends,

Ric Denton has been a mentor and wise advisor to Golden Lotus Foundation, 501(c)(3) non-profit, for many years since establishment in 2011. The mission of the Golden Lotus Foundation provides vital support for Asian American advocacy and intergenerational opportunities in the Pikes Peak Region to experience Asian heritage and traditions.

To honor Ric and his legacy, the Golden Lotus Foundation Board of Directors desire to commission a local artist to create a bronze sculpture recognizing Ric’s virtue for “INTEGRITY” to be situated in a park setting. Since the bamboo is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility, it has come to represent harmony and balance in one’s life. As such, it is considered lucky in many Asian cultures. In Chinese culture, bamboo is a symbol of oriental beauty and represents the character of moral integrity, modesty and loyalty, a very fitting example of elegance representing Ric’s life.

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