5 Steps to Follow During Tea Appreciation Day

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April is just wrapping up and Asian Pacific Heritage Month is up next. First established in 1977, the entire month of May is dedicated to celebrating Asian culture and history.

Kicking off Asian Pacific Heritage Month every year is Tea Appreciation Day. Celebrated for the first time in China in 2005 — and then every year after that — Tea Appreciation Day is an Asian tradition celebrated during the first weekend of May.

Friends, family, strangers and anyone can gather together at tea houses or any local predetermined place and enjoy tea and tea related conversation. Most of the tea used for Tea Appreciation Day has been grown in the Taiwan mountains, which stand around 4,000 feet.

There are various steps of this Asian cultural event that is globally celebrated.

  • Tea Appreciation — First, the tea will be passed around for everyone involved to admire the feel, smell, and quality of the tea.
  • Tea Preparation — Simply preparing enough tea for all the participants to be able to enjoy.
  • Tea Creation — Raising the tea kettle above the shoulders and pouring all of the water into the pot until it begins to overflow.
  • Tea Pouring — The tea is then poured into a tea pitcher and into glasses with tea cups placed upside down. This is an Asian tradition said to bring happiness and prosperity.
  • Tea Drinking — Smell and enjoy the presence of the tea before consumption, but then enjoy and repeat as many times as everyone wants.

Tea Appreciation Day originated from a Chinese Mother’s Day celebration called “Family Tea Ceremony,” which was held at Taipei Music Hall Square in 1991 and held more than 500 people.

As China Daily reports, according to Chinese medical theories, the vitality of tea which sprouted during the spring time will help the body adapt to the increased levels of yang energy throughout nature.

Springtime is here so get out and enjoy it! Happy Mother’s Day, happy May, and happy Tea Appreciation Day. Get out there and enjoy some delicious tea!

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