5 Reasons to Donate to Non Profits This Month

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As we move into the holiday season and the winter months, many people are turning their minds to giving back to their communities. In fact, last year was the fifth year in a row that total charitable giving rose, according to Giving USA. This month, non profit organizations can be a great type of company to invest in. Check out some of the top reasons!

Give Back to Your Community
The 2014 Bank of America Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy reported that 63% of donors said they are motivated to give in order to “give back to the community.” This is also true for many others. If you love the community you live in, why not invest in making it an even better place to live?

It Doesn’t Have to Be Money
Many non profit organizations offer volunteer opportunities as well, so if you can’t spare a cash donation, there are other ways to give back. Non profits actually rely on volunteers to make their events happen, so your donation of time can be just as valuable as the money others may give. Volunteer Ireland reported that 78% of volunteers said they had lower stress levels after volunteering, and 96% said that it gave their life purpose. Check out the event listings on local websites to find somewhere to help!

Set an Example
If you have children, taking them to cultural events put on by non profits can be a great way to set an example for them. They’ll learn about things, and the importance of giving back will be instilled in them as well. This jump starts the next generation in helping each other out whenever possible.

Tax Benefits
If you want to get something back for your efforts, donating your money to a charity or non profit will come back around to you in the way of tax benefits. You can claim donations on your taxes, so ask your accountant what you can and cannot claim.

Earn Respect
Many people spend their entire lives trying to gain and retain respect from their peers. Giving your time or money to non profit organizations shows your values, connects you with like-minded people, and will help you really earn that respect in a way that you can feel great about.